Did You Know...

• Every Website You Visit
• Every Keystroke You Type
• Every Email You Send
• Every OnlineChat You Have
• Every Picture You View

...can be secretly recorded by your spouse, employeer or worse - a complete stranger

Protect Yourself with the Spyguard Spy Ware Blocking Software.

The SpyGuard 2.0 Spy Ware Blocker
Protect Yourself from Spying Spouses, Employers and Complete Strangers!
Spyguard Spy Ware Blocker Software
If there is internet activity or private information on your pc that you do not want anyone else to see, get SpyGuard.

Right now, every keystroke you type, every web site you visit, every picture you view, every chat conversation you have and every email you send or receive can be intercepted, recorded and passed along to your spouse, employer or somebody you don't even know (like identity thieves, terrorists and stalkers).

Deleting your Internet History and Cache files will NOT protect you against these programs because they record all computer activity in a secret location that ONLY the person who is spying on you can access. In fact, some very popular programs actually send the recorded information via email from your computer, so you can't delete the recorded information because it isn't stored on your computer -- it is stored on their computer!

Virus detectors can't stop these spy ware programs. Firewalls can't stop them. Cookie blockers can't stop them. Spy Guard can!

SpyGuard will not only detect these programs but it will let you know exactly which spy ware programs are running on your pc and it will then DESTROY these programs and their recorded information.

SpyGuard will remain on constant watch to protect you from any future intrusions - just press a few secret keys and SpyGuard will immediately spring into action to make sure you are still safe.

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Unlike other spy ware blocker programs, you will be able to hide SpyGuard so that nobody else but you will know you are protecting yourself with this powerful anti spy ware software.

You get the Spy Guard Spy Ware Detection and Removal software PLUS the Evidence Shredder, plus Internet History and Cache File instant Auto-Delete. Similar products sell separately for as much as $149.

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