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Q. Are there really spy software products that can secretly record every keystroke I type, including my passwords, as well as my private emails and chats?

A. Yes. Spector and eBlaster from Spectorsoft are VERY popular, but there re dozens of others, some of which can install themselves on your computer by sneaking into your email. Once that happens, a complete stranger can see everything you do on your computer.
Q. It would be disastrous for my wife to see some of the web sites I visit and some of the chats I have late at night. Can’t I just delete my Internet History and cache files?

A. It is a common myth that deleting Internet History files and cache files will keep you safe. But it is a dangerous myth that can lull you into a false sense of security.

Spy software is SPECIFICALLY designed to secretly record keystrokes, emails, chats, web sites visited and pictures viewed AND to keep this recorded information it its own hidden location (or to send the recorded information via email, so it is not even stored on your computer).

Deleting Internet History files will do nothing to destroy this secretly recorded information. Spy Guard will detect, and at your option, remove any installed spy software.
Q. I don’t do personal surfing during work hours, but I do use a personal Hotmail account during lunch or after hours at work. Can my employer see these emails?

A. Yes. Several spy software products specifically record all incoming and outgoing emails, including Hotmail, Yahoo email and AOL email.

Unfortunately, many companies monitor their employees WITHOUT informing them that such monitoring is taking place and the law DOES NOT require them to inform you.

Spy Guard detects the presence of these spy programs, and at your option, will eliminate the spy software.

Note: While Spy Guard Corporation feels you have the RIGHT TO KNOW if your employer is monitoring your computer and Internet activity, your employer may have a policy against removing or disabling company installed software.
Q. I use an anonymizer software product that covers my tracks when surfing. Why would I need Spy Guard?

A. You would still need Spy Guard if you want to make sure your spouse or employer cannot secretly record your keystrokes, emails and chat conversations. In addition, if you are looking at pornographic pictures or movies, products like Spector will still record these. With Spy Guard, you are protected against these types of spyware.
Q. What versions of Windows are supported by Spy Guard?

A. Spy Guard works under Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows Me, Windows NT, Windows 2000 and Windows XP.
Q. What are the system requirements?

A. You should have an Intel Pentium or AMD compatible CPU running at 100 MHz or faster. The memory requirements for Spy Guard are minimal, although we do recommend at least 64M of memory for Windows.
Q. I have a question/support issue. Who should I contact?

A. Product questions and technical support issues can be directed to [email protected] Guard.com.
Q. Does Spy Guard come with a money-back guarantee?

A. Yes, if Spy Guard does not perform as advertised, please notify them within 72 hours of purchase.
You get the Spy Guard Spy Detection and Removal software PLUS the Evidence Shredder, plus Internet History and Cache File instant Auto-Delete. Similar products sell separately for as much as $149.

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